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Founders:PagolHost.com .
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Headquarters:Dahagram, Patgram, Lalmonirhat.
- RootBux.com is a domain which was registered on 25 November 2018.
- This site is availiable with RootBux.com .
- The site is Copyrighted and Powered By RootBux.com - This site is based on BANGLADESH, Rangpur is the city of BANGLADESH.
- This site is mostly popular as a MOBILE WAP SITE.
All the scripts of RootBux.com are being developed by Admin & 2018-19 PagolHost.com.
- It's functions are based on python,c# PHP(HyperText Pre-Processor Language).
- HTML/HTML5(HyperText Markup Language) is used for the design of it's classical version.
- CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is used to decorate the design of classical & desktop versions.
-JQURRY used slide show & other founctions.
-JavaScript is used in desktop version to supply ads & to perform some sort of quick services like ajax.
This site is made for all public.
There is no commercial use of this site.Your service provider may charge for the traffic, but this site is always free for all from all countries!
The site is for entertainment,social online community,fun and enjoyment.
This site is based on these Terms Of Services DMCA. As a user you must agree as well as follow these terms DMCA.
This site is dedicated to all who obey anlow the terms and rules DMCA.
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